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Useful Links

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Our Staff

We are very fortunate to have such hardworking and dedicated staff.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Mawdsley

Head Teacher 

Mrs Hayzen - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Johnson - Assistant Headteacher


Class Teachers

Mrs Ault

Reception - Arrow

EYFS Leader

KS1 PSHE Leader

Mrs Lloyd

Reception - Quiver

Humanities Leader


Miss Miskelly
Year 1 - Samian

Music Leader

Miss Sargent
Year 1 Tegula

MFL Leader

Mrs Murphy
Year 2 - Flint

KS1 Leader

KS1 English Leader

Mrs Johnson
Year 2 - Beaker

Curriculum Development

Miss Gray
Year 3 - Oppida

KS2 PSHE Leader

Miss Tyrrell
Year 3 - Trajan


Mrs Brooks
Year 4 - Minerva

RE Leader

Y3/4 Phase Leader

Mr Jack
Year 4 - Vespasia

Art and DT Leader

Mr Webber
Year 5 - Sarsen

KS1 Maths Leader

PE Leader

Miss Suttle
Year 5 - Bluestone

Science Leader

Miss Hawkins
Year 6 - Centurion

Year 5/6 Phase Leader

KS2 English Leader

Mr Hall 
Year 6 - Bowman

KS2 Maths Leader


Special eDUCATIONAL nEEDS (sen) team


Mrs T Hayzen 

SENCO and Inclusion Manager

Mrs Green
 Pastoral Lead

Mrs Johnston

Mrs Deacon

ELSA & Link Lead

Miss Morgan 

Speech and Language 





  • Mrs Stapleton (HLTA)
  • Mrs Hocking (EYFS)
  • Mrs Maple (EYFS)
  • Mr Brook (Y1)
  • Mrs Hoffman (Y1)
  • Mrs Prout (Y2)
  • Mrs Peill (Y2)
  • Mrs Stafford (Y2)
  • Mrs Gilbert (Y2)
  • Mrs Fraser (Y3)
  • Mrs Harpwood (Y3)
  • Mrs Owen (NPTA & Y4)
  • Mrs Ivemy (Y4)
  • Mrs Tottle (Y5)
  • Mrs Duggan (NPTA)
  • Mrs Williams (NPTA)
  • Mrs Stokes (NPTA)
  • Miss Brown (NPTA)
  • Mrs Williams (SETA)
  • Mrs Heptonsall (SETA)
  • Mrs Marston (Link)


  • Mrs Peill (Y1)
  • Mrs Stafford (Y2)
  • Mrs Fraser (Y3)
  • Mrs Harpwood (Y4)
  • Mrs Dawson (Y5)
  • Mrs Marston (Y6)



  • Mrs Debbie Pittman



  • Miss Andrews - School Business Manager
  • Mrs Hall - Admin Officer
  • Mrs Egan - Admin Officer



  • Mrs Sherburne - Lead MDSA
  • Mrs Pollard
  • Mrs Tottle 
  • Mrs Snell
  • Mrs Artley
  • Mr Burton
  • Mrs Cousins
  • Mrs Grzmkowska
  • Mrs Wojtanis



  • Mr Mardell



  • Mrs Weber
  • Mr Burton 
  • Miss Artley


  • Mrs McNickle 
  • Mrs Michael 
  • Mrs Clarke

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