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Digital LeadersDigital Leaders

Digital Leaders are pupils from across the school, who meet each each week to discuss and plan improvements around school. They help promote and inspire ICT in our school by running staff meetings, teaching groups of children, implementing e-safeguarding, reviewing technologies and encourage others to use ICT more effectively.

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We are the digital leaders!

In Digital Leaders there are eleven children and three adults currently. We discuss and try to improve our ICT, so that the children all ages can understand the ICT that we have in school. We Digital Leaders have done two assemblies, one about E-safety and the other about a dinner survey. We are helping to run the dinner survey, by tallying the likes and dislikes and then we should be able to make a chart on the meals.

We have taught the whole of the school about the internet safety, by using an acronym called SMART, which describes what E-safety means. In school we also use a dolphin called Hector Procter which you will be able to press if something bad comes up.


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