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Mrs T Hayzen
SENCO & Deputy Head









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At Amesbury Archer Primary school, we aim to identify children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) as soon as possible, in order to implement early intervention to support the individual child. Mrs Hayzen, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo), works Monday to Friday and is non-teaching who works alongside our designated Family Link Worker Mrs Pittman. We try to ensure any children joining us with identified SEN are planned for in advance to ensure a smooth transition and availability of suitable provision within school. We encourage all parents to come and take a look around the school for themselves and arrange a chat with Mrs Hayzen to discuss any concerns.

Alongside all provision, we endeavour to ensure that parent/carer and a pupil’s views are obtained in relation to provision and priorities, as far as is possible. School ensures that staff are offered regular training and updates in relation to SEN through Twilight training and monthly training sessions with the SENCo.

The SEN provision is monitored very closely by the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that all interventions are effective and matched to the child's needs. This is reviewed each short term (6 times a year) and feedback is provided to parents. This ensures parents know what additional support their child is receiving and how effective it has been. We never underestimate the power of close home/school communication and support in securing the best outcomes for our children. In addition, we offer termly Parent Forums, which provide an opportunity for parents to discuss concerns, ask for support and meet other parents in similar situations. 

Mrs Hayzen is a qualified teacher and also holds the National Accreditation for Special Needs Coordinator at Masters Level Award. She liaises regularly with outside agencies who provide additional provision and support to the school, including Speech and Language Therapy, Behaviour Support Services, Educational Psychologist, Specialist SEN Services (CAMHS), Paediatrician and Talkabout Counselling. She is the Lead Professional for our families with Common Assessment Framework Planes and is also a member of the Child Protection and Safeguarding Team.

Our SEN team  delivers planned one to one or small group support in order to help children develop these skills and improve their experiences and integration within class as well as enrichment opportunities. 

Our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA), Mrs Deacon also provide support across the school.

Mrs Pittman is our Family Link Worker and works Monday to Thursday. She supports a number of our families both formally, through CAF reviews or Child Protection meetings, and informally, through face to face conversations, telephone calls or emails. Mrs Pittman is able to provide advice, home visits and access to services or support forums. She is available to support all families, including those with a child with SEN.




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