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Art and Design

At Amesbury Archer we encourage and nurture the creative side of all pupils. We endeavour to give children the opportunity to apply their Art and Design skills by linking them to other areas of the curriculum such as history and geography.


Our Art and Design Aims:

  • inspire and challenge pupils, by allowing them to 'experiment, invent and create' their own masterpieces
  • to give pupils the opportunity to critically understand different elements of Art and Design
  • for children to understand the importance of art in British history and culture



  • to explore, create and record the art experiences
  • become proficient in different artist techniques
  • to evaluate and analyse piece of work
  • to know and recognise the forms of artists, craft makers and designers


To find out specific information about the art and design learning your child is enaged in, please see the curriculum overview document on their class page.