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Catchup Curriculum

Catch Up Curriculum Statement

At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we are absolutely determined that no child’s education will suffer as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wellbeing Fortnight

When the children return to school on March 8th 2021, we will focus on children's social, emotional and physical wellbeing and agility. We have put together a fortnight of activities, including Yoga, Zumba, cookery and team building games.

The intention of the Wellbeing Fortnight is to allow children to express themselves fully, to help teachers recognise any areas of concern and to easily identify necessary support, if required. 

We fully understand that children may need some time to settle down and become used to school routines as 3/4 of them have not been in school since January. We will gradually reintroduce learning so that we can rebuild their learning stamina over time.

Academic Curriculum

We recognise that children will have accessed varying amounts of the school’s remote learning offer during lockdown. Children in all year groups may have missed out on parts of the curriculum, so we will be using formal and teacher assessment to identify children’s starting points. 

Every subject lead has already reviewed their subject's remote learning offer and we have put plans into place to make both short-term and long-term adjustments to our curriculum delivery. This will ensure that most subjects are "on track" by July 2021 and that all subjects are back "on track" by Feb 2022.

Once the children have settled back into routines, we will use standardised assessments (NFER) to identify strengths and areas of need in Reading, Maths and "Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling" both at an individual level and at class level. This information will be used to amend curriculum content and academic interventions accordingly.

Wider Foundation Curriculum Subjects

As soon as the country locked down again in January, teachers were quick to amend the Long Term Planning for each Year Group and worked closely with all subject leads. Those subjects that we felt were better suited to remote learning (i.e. those with high knowledge content), we re-arranged to be delivered over Terms 3 and 4. We moved subjects that are more skills-based and in need of resources (such as Art and Music) to Terms 5 and 6 in the hope that the children would have returned by this point. This means that, on the whole, we have been able to continue with our planned wider curriculum delivery for all.

Regular Reviews

As part of our catch up curriculum, we have built-in regular opportunities to monitor and review how things are going, which will inform our medium and long term plans.

Catch Up Funding

The government have pledged extra money to support us in plugging any Coronavirus related gaps. Please see below for an overview of how we plan to use this money.


Click here to see our Reviewed Catchup Funding Premium Plan (July 2021)

Here is a brief overview of our catchup/recovery curriculum plan:


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