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At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we want our children to ‘Aim High’ and know that they have the ability to achieve anything they put their minds to. We aim to deliver an exciting, broad and progressive English Writing curriculum, which empowers children to communicate effectively and accurately in a range of contexts. This will enable them to gain transferable skills and resilience to live happy, healthy and productive lives and to play a valuable part within the school and the wider community. We believe that English is the heart of pupils’ learning and supports them in accessing the full curriculum successfully. We strive to support children to develop a wide vocabulary and enthuse and engage them with the writing opportunities offered. Our school values are central to all we do and, through our English curriculum, we encourage our children to be:

  • Aspirational and responsible learners through short burst writing, use of the success criteria and personalised targets;
  • Curious and enthusiastic when exploring model texts and trying out authorial strategies to improve their own writing;
  • Honest and respectful when working with peers to discuss and develop ideas and in giving feedback to each other.

 We use Talk for Writing: it supports all learners in building a bank of language structures and strategies to draw on when they are writing. Children at Amesbury Archer enjoy the process of learning a story and the confidence it lends as their journey through each genre progresses. This is a cumulative process where each year group builds on the learning from previous years, embedding and consolidating past learning, while continuously moving forwards and ensuring there is a broad and deep study of a wide variety of genres. Grammar is driven through exploring model texts linked to the writing and quality texts we use in reading. Jumpstart Grammar games support fun and active learning opportunities.

To drive spelling, we use the No Nonsense scheme; it covers the spelling patterns outlined in the National Curriculum, offers opportunities to learn the statutory spelling words and highlights useful strategies for teaching and learning the words.

Talk for Writing is particularly accessible for SEND learners. A model text is learnt orally with an accompanying story map and actions  before being read so that children who struggle with reading can access it easily. A printed model text is then shared with the children so that they can explore and understand the written sentence structures and language patterns. This style of learning also allows those less confident to ‘hug the text closely’ and the more able to innovate and invent further away from the original. Teachers support their SEND learners with a wide range of classroom strategies to facilitate quality first teaching: Clicker, word mats, washing lines, scribing, pencil grips and other adapted stationery, talking boxes, coloured paper, handwriting practise and Precision Spelling interventions are used widely across the school.


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