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Here at Amesbury archer we are passionate about the teaching and learning of humanities across the school.

We are lucky enough to be a school with a rich historical footprint. All the staff and children embrace the fascinating and unique story behind the development of the school and the surprise discovery of the Amesbury Archer underneath our very school grounds. Please see more details about our school's history on our website by clicking on 'our school' and then 'our history'.

The legacy of the Amesbury Archer teaches us many lessons and values, one of which being the importance of a rich knowledge in humanities.

Our efforts to make humanities an intrinsic part of our teaching is clear to see when taking a walk around the school, through our vibrant and celebratory displays in both classrooms and corridors.

We have seen the clear benefits of teaching humanities alongside our topic. We also strongly believe that the standards expected in literacy should be equally expected in a humanities lesson. Humanities topics are also often taught in a cross curricular fashion within a literacy lesson, ensuring that there is quality humanities learning as well as high literacy expectations.

We have embraced the new humanities expectations in the National Curriculum and enjoy being on a continuous journey of development and progress.

 Click here to see a useful website to encourange children to research a day in the life of children in other countries.

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