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At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we want our children to ‘Aim High’ and know that they have the ability to achieve anything they put their minds to.

Maths is a core National Curriculum subject that equips pupils with vital skills that they will need to use throughout their everyday lives. It is therefore important to encourage children to develop and nurture a range of strategies to help them solve problems, make links with other subjects and grow in confidence in the understanding of numbers. We encourage children to do this through our learning words: aspirational, resilient, curious, honest, enthusiastic and respectful (ARCHER).
In Maths, this means Archers will:
     • Aspire to achieve their full potential, by not only learning the skills they need for Maths, but learning how to apply this to all areas of             the curriculum and for their futures.
     • Increase their resilience by learning to reason and problem solve. Some tasks will ask children to identify misconceptions and explain         why this is the case. This will lead to discussion and the children’s ability to develop confidence and success independently.
     • Be curious about the world around them and Maths at Amesbury Archer will aim to nurture this curiosity. Children will ask and                          answer questions related to the world around them in order to be better prepared for their future.
     • Develop their honesty and be able to identify when they require support and when they can demonstrate resilience. Being honest                with themselves and others will lead to a positive experience of Maths and mean that they gain more from it.
     • Be enthusiastic about Maths and have a positive attitude to learning. This will lead to children wanting to continue studying                              Maths and to choose jobs involving Maths.
     • Archers will be respectful of others learning and demonstrate a respect of Maths. This will be seen through the discussions in class             and the respect shown to their learning.

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