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At Amesbury Archer we aim to teach our children to become confident and fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics with an emphasis on mental maths and key number skills which we believe provides children with a secure foundation from which they can develop mathematical reasoning and problem solving strategies. Our focus is always on ensuring children develop a secure understanding of key concepts and are able to apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.  Teachers make full use of a range of practical equipment (eg objects, counters, bead strings, number grids), models, images and games as well as encouraging the children to develop their mathematical vocabulary and present a mathematical justification, argument or proof.

The Curriculum:

At Amesbury Archer we are following the new 2014 National Curriculum and have developed a Calculation Policy in line with this. It is hoped this policy is of use to parents wishing to support their children’s learning. To view the calculation policy see the 'Useful Links' section on this page.

You can download the full objectives for Maths under the new National Curriculum here: 

Parental Support

We welcome parental support and firmly believe children maximise their potential when there are strong home school links and they are able to practise skills learnt in school in real life contexts.

In addition, in KS2, weekly home learning activities are set by class teachers.

Please refer to our termly overviews on our class pages to find out what skills your child is currently learning and do speak to the class teacher for additional guidance on how best to support your child at home.

Please see the 'Useful Links' section on this page from where you can access:

  • The National Curriculum and the national standard performance descriptors
  • Wiltshire Bare Necessities Games ( a collection of games to help your child learn key maths concepts in a fun way)


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