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Our History

On May 3rd 2002, the digging of the foundations for our school was suddenly brought to a halt. The unexpected discovery of the riches and earliest bronze-age grave in this country delayed the start of building by two years and made headline news world-wide.

The grave contents, which included the oldest gold and copper ever found in Britain and a wealth of flint arrowheads and beakers, signify that the man buried within was of high status, courage and importance. This man, named "The Amesbury Archer" by the media, lived 4500 years ago and scientists have traced his childhood home to the Alps of Southern Europe.

We have embraced the story of his journey from the mountains to the plains of Stonehenge as a learning model for our school. We are proud to be called Amesbury Archer Primary School and to follow in his unique historical footprint.

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