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At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we aim to provide a vibrantly creative and stimulating learning environment, which is safe, secure and welcoming to all its members – the ‘heart of the community’ in the truest sense. We embrace inclusivity and diversity, wanting everyone to be mutually supportive of one another. We celebrate one another’s successes, challenge each other to ‘aim high’ and all strive to be the best we can. We want our ‘Archers’ to have a sense of belonging, taking pride in their school and the historical footprint of our ‘Amesbury Archer’. In addition, we will enable everyone to make a positive contribution to our community and beyond. Each and every member of our learning community is encouraged to participate wholeheartedly in all their endeavours, holding on to their dreams and ambitions, whilst enjoying the confidence boost and sense of satisfaction that comes with achievement through challenge. We are learning for the future, in an ever-changing world, but must remember our historical legacy and the lessons from the past.

To these ends, our philosophy is underpinned by six key learning words:

ADAPTABLE – At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we recognise that there may not be one answer for every situation and that we will face each new challenge and experience together with a positive attitude.

RESPECTFUL - At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we will make good choices to ensure that we take care of ourselves and each other, our belongings and our environment. We know that everyone has the right to enjoy their learning and to be listened to without being judged. We accept differences and treat everyone fairly and equally.

CURIOUS – At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we encourage both pupils and staff to ask questions and to push the boundaries of their learning. We endeavour to answer even the most inquisitive of questions from our pupils.

HELPFUL - At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we always try and support one another on our learning journeys. We look out for one another and understand that we are capable of achieving so much more when we work together, using all our different skills and experiences to reach the same goal.

ENTHUSIASTIC – At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we celebrate the ambition to learn and make the most of our time at school. Our enthusiastic teachers welcome the passion to learn from our pupils and replicate this eagerness to get the most out of school.

RESPONSIBLE – At Amesbury Archer Primary School, we take ownership of all our learning and behaviour within our community. We accept responsibility for the choices that we make and for the environment around us.

Everything above is part of the ‘DNA’ of Amesbury Archer Primary School.


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